Mitchell Road Wall Mural: 
Love Your Community Through HeART
How can art transform a community, celebrate Nature and create a sense of place? In Norcross, Georgia, the magic begins with this long brown wall on Mitchell Road,  and the enthusiastic leadership of teachers in the Norcross School Cluster.  Students from Kindergarten through 12th grades are rallying their families, community volunteers and local businesses to help raise funds for materials.
The vision? To turn this plain brown wall into a canvas that celebrates Community and Nature, a public art piece intended to cultivate community awareness, strengthen relationships and develop civic pride. Young artists will help create a mural approximately 60' in length, comprising 5 panels  depicting Nature's seasonal colors, wildlife and plants in colorful mosaics and painted images.
Gardens4GrowingCommunity is proud to be a sponsor of this exciting event, awarding our FIRST GRANT to kickstart the project! Students of all ages are already organizing fundraisers, going door to door to engage neighbors and contacting local businesses for support.
Donations (of any size!) are very appreciated and may be made online through
For more information on how you can support this project, please contact us!
Here's the conceptual (below) of what one panel of the final project will look like (there are 5 panels, total). The white circles are "blank spots" to be filled by round mosaic panels created by students. The 4 seasons will be represented by color, and Norcross High School students are making large mosaic circles depicting birds that are native to Georgia. Younger students will explore nature's array of colors and textures to inspire them.
 Once completed, the circular mosiacs will fill in the piece, creating a colorful and interesting interpretation of art and Nature in our Georgia community!

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