Gardens for Growing Community is developing apprenticeship opportunities for military veterans who are transitioning into the civilian workforce.  This program targets veterans interested in urban and rural agriculture, marketing, education and/or entrepreneurship, providing valuable networking and training that helps translate their military skills into civilian business applications. In exchange, their work will  increase the sustainability of school gardens by relieving teachers  of the workload required to maintain a multi-faceted and attractive site. It will also help G4GC serve a greater number of schools, civic groups and community organizations across the region.

In addition, we envision veterans developing and/or staffing food production and food distribution microenterprises that provide an affordable local source of fresh vegetables and fruit, especially to families in under-served neighborhoods.


"Nearly 2/3 of new veterans report a difficult transition to civilian life, partly because they seem to be speaking a different language than the business leaders who might hire them."

"45% of armed service members are from rural America. USDA & other high level orgs support assisting veterans in farming operations in order to strengthen the American economy & provide livelihoods to our returning veterans."
Our goal is to implement this program in early 2018.
Gardens for Growing Community is seeking partners, mentors and sponsors of this program, as well as interested applicants. To learn more, please contact us today!
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