Gardens for Growing Community helps young people make an emotional and personal connection to Nature that inspires them to learn, kindles a sense of stewardship, and empowers them to make meaningful changes.

We envision thriving school gardens, urban forests and other natural spaces serving as platforms for experiential learning, and as venues for people with diverse backgrounds, capabilities and challenges to come together under the shared vision of practicing
natural resource conservation and growing fresh food.

 Our mission supports nature-based learning in all academic subjects for grades K - 12, and encourages young people to actively protect  their community's natural assets. We offer resources for standards-based learning in both traditional and outdoor classrooms, project- and service-based learning experiences, and we help maintain school gardens. We facilitate opportunities for students, educators and local stakeholders to  work together,  building healthier lives and stronger communities while nurturing nature.

"To inspire meaningful change, you must make a connection to the heart
before you make connection to the mind."
- George Couros

After a school year full of "Green Team" activities outside, students share how the experience affected their opinion of Nature.
What did we do to "light a fire" under students? This video shares a story of project-based learning and how it was used to stretch young minds into connecting forest management and leadership.
In this student-produced video, Ms. Cooper's Earth Sciences class is stenciling storm water drains on the school campus, part of studying  the water cycle, watersheds and stormwater management.
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