To underline our mission of promoting gardening as a teaching tool, G4GC strives to continually introduce creative and innovative ways for kids to learn. The Juice Plus Tower Garden® is a vertical aeroponic growing system that allows students to grow healthy food indoors, as well as outside. Part of the fun is facilitating the assembly of the Tower itself - connecting the pieces is similar to putting together Legos! Students exercise skills utilized in real life design engineering projects,
and apply charting skills, math, science and language arts
to the food growing process. By working together to
maintain the Tower, they discover an unprecedented
accountability for their actions. If the Tower is neglected,
the plants die and there is no food. To keep it healthy requires
problem-solving, critical thinking, goal-setting, collaboration
and effective communication skills. Although teachers report
the system is easy to maintain, taking care of it and ensuring
a continuous harvest cycle is a valuable hands-on learning
experience for students.

Tower Garden® is also a powerful tool for teaching students
with a range of capabilities.  Because of physical, emotional
and/or sensory challenges, Special Needs students are often socially isolated from their General Ed peers. Using the Tower Garden® as well as the school's outdoor classroom settings,  G4GC introduces programming that is exciting for many Special Ed students (and their teachers!) Students are encouraged to manage a microenterprise using the food they grow on the Tower, selling it to teachers and parents, and even local businesses. Thishands-on management process helps them learn and practice valuable life skills, engage with students of differing capabilities, and make meaningful contributions to their community.

To learn more about this awesome teaching tool check out this video ....and if you're in Gwinnett County, visit any local library branch and ask about "Homegrown Gwinnett" the County's program that utilizesTower Garden® technology.

Interested in buying one? Please consider purchasing it through Gardens for Growing Community - a percentage of the proceeds go towards helping our program thrive!


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