Over 200 students at Summerour Middle School participated in a Project-Based Learning (PBL) experience that enriched their studies in Math, Social Studies and Fine Arts. Thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, the school received funds for a brand new
Tool Shed in their outdoor learning center.
Math classes  designed interior storage systems using their imaginations and design engineering skills, as well as  practical application of 2D and 3D measurements skills and cubic volume calculations.  They gained exposure to online 3D virtual reality development software  and worked with members of the community to learn how math is used in construction as well as other careers.

In Social Studies, students were tasked to "interview" their parents about growing up and what foods they liked, as well as the memories they have of gardening or farming. The goal was not only to help students relate their cultural studies to real life, but to encourage family connections and strengthen a sense of cultural pride within their American community. An exciting outcome of this project is that students were encouraged to share recipes their parents have brought from other countries, and/or loved during their own the process, over 50 international recipes were colleted, and will soon be printed in
hard copy as a class fundraiser.

Students in the Junior Achievement "Art Club" worked after school to develop a large mural that will adorn the exterior of the new garden Tool Shed. The teacher facilitated activities that included having students "interview" theirparents abut gardening nad farming experiences wile they were growing up,a dn to explore their own feelings about conservation and environmentl stewardship. These thoughts manifested graphically in a single group work that
will be completed in late May, 2019.

BELOW: Thanks to some WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS, students at Summerour had a great learnign experience, and now we can
open the doors to more community gardening!

Partners included Primerica , Robert D. Fowler YMCA Youth Leadership Team, and TuffShed

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