Anderson, SC
You're invited to envision a place where people with special needs are included in a self-sustaining live/work, farm/learn environment, treated as viable contributors to the community's social and economic fiber. Imagine this place being staffed by military veterans who are transitioning into civilian life, developing marketable job skills while exploring progressive rural, suburban and urban food production methods, developing entreprenuerial and project management skills, and facilitating nature-based learning.  Consider this place's ability to draw resources from 3 states, to engage universities and colleges, public/private partnerships, while facilitating natural resource conservation, environmental education and healthy food production with every step of the way.
Imagine a culture of inclusiveness, with everyone working synergistically to build a healthy community model that demonstrates how people can take better care of their selves and eachother while benefitting nature.
Gardens for Growing Community is supporting a team that is actively developing this vision. This place exists, and the first phases of the program's development are underway.  Here's a peek at the assets we are's to an amazing year of continued growth in 2017.....stay tuned! If you'd like to learn more, get involved and/or donate to the cause, please contact us!
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