In the fall of 2016, members of Lilburn Middle School's "Team Green" joined G4GC in a Rivers Alive! Clean-Up, traveling from Lilburn to Norcross, GA, to join the stream stewardship event. The students' positive energy, dedication and overall enthusiasm for nurturing nature inspired G4GC to join Lilburn's educational team and support their interest in developing opportunities for Team Green students, and the entire school.

G4GC started by facilitating students through the process of designing a new school garden concept, and then lobbying school administrators for permission to begin their program on the selected campus site. Thanks to a grant from the GA Farmer's Market Association and GA's Resource Conservation & Development Council, two large raised beds were installed in November, 2016, and seasonal gardening began.  Students harvested their first crop of collards and broccoli in late January, 2017!

G4GC continues to work with Lilburn's Team Green's in the garden, and has introduced students to aeroponics technology with their first Juice Plus Tower Garden®. In addition,  G4GC is helping students organize Lilburn's Master Schoolyard Plan, a sustainable gardening and landscaping concept plan for their school campus. Using activities adapted from yardmapping guidelines developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Cornell University, G4GC envisions teachers using the Master Schoolyard Plan as a tool for introducing standards-based and project-based learning activities, phasing in the conceptual goals as an ongoing opportunity to teach academics through the lens of environmental
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