Knowledge inspires interest, and interest inspires compassion.
- Doug Tallamy

G4GC coaches and supports educators serving grades K - 12, and works directly with youth of all ages. Our goal is to help people see the world through the lens of environmental stewardship, realizing that Naure is perhaps the greatest teacher of all. 

G4GC egages students in both curricular and extracurricular nature-based activities that apply knowledge they're learning in school. At the same time, we're helping them gain self-confidence and develop their own  leadership styles and critical thinking skills.  Using inquiry-based, project-based and service-based teaching strategies, we faciliate projects that apply their academics apply to real life (and are therefore worth studying!) and allow them to set goals and  take ownership of the process  that moves them towards achieving those  goals as individuals, as groups and as leaders.


GREEN TEAM IN THE GARDEN  (extracurricular) 
A semester long,  standards-based program designed for middle school ages. Students set goals, identify time-management and project-management measures, and are faciliated through a fun,  seed-to-fork gardening experience that benefits the local community.

Students colaborate to develop a Master Schoolyard Plan that includes places for native plants and wildlife to flourish on the school campus. Using activities adapted from guidelines developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Cornell University, G4GC facilitates students interested in developing a sustainable gardening and landscaping concept plan for their school campus, with the goal of incorporating phases of its complementation into ongoing curriculum, as well as extracurricular activities.

G4GC supports the work of Konstantin Dimopoulos, an arts activist who creates public art installations on social, environmental and political issues. Community engagement underpins his work as the public helps create many of his installations. The artist perpetuates the narrative within his artworks through public speaking and education programs. Konstantin also creates sculptures that are in public and private collections around the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


CO-TEACHING WITH NATURE (2 hour workshop)
This  workshop is designed to strengthen a school gardening program by enhancing participant's comfort level with the school garden as an outdoor classrooom and teacing tool. Participants leave with tools they can then use to help their peers overcome concerns and inspire their teaching teams to conduct standards-based lesson plans in the garden.

NATURE WORKS! with SPECIAL ED KIDS (1 hour workshop)
This workshop shows SpecEd educators how they can leverage Nature to support and encourage students with developmental challenges.  From learning to manage a microenterprise based on producing healthy herbs and vegetables, to creating positive outdoor garden experiences, this workshop helps teachers integrate SpecEd and  General Ed students in positive and meaningful ways.

This program provides teachers with the support and expertise they need to sustain a healthy and producive school gardening program. Whether you're interested in starting a new garden,  revitalizing an old one, or ramping up what's already in place, G4GC offers as-need consulting services,  a regular maintenance program for any outdoor venue. In addition,w e are available for one-on-one coaching and brainstorming on developing lesson plans, as well as helping teams develop inspired crosscurricular projects that support academics, soft skill development and service-based learning using Nature as an exciting tool and  venue.


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