Gardens for Growing Community reconnects people and nature, fostering pathways that lead to a healthy, healing
and empowering relationship.

We envision thriving school gardens and forests that serve as experiential learning centers for youth, and as places where
people of all ages, with diverse backgrounds, capabilities and challenges may come together to
support and encourage each other while practicing natural resource conservation and growing food.

 Our mission supports the integration of environmental stewardship into K - 12 education, and helps young people become active and literate stewards of their community's natural assets. We offer nature- and standards-based programming, a strong network of resources, and a workforce qualified to maintain school gardens and outdoor classrooms. With our support teachers, students and people with diverse challenges are empowered to grow, educate others, revitalize nature and
work together to build healthier lives and stronger communities.

"To inspire meaningful change, you must make a connection to the heart
before you make connection to the mind."
- George Couros

                    Outdoor Learning                                     Public/Private Partnerships                               Professional Development                                     Community Building
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